Equities & Corporate debt ESG investing

Geospatial ESG, climate, natural capital, human rights and political risk data for equity and corporate debt investors

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Our Equity and Corporate debt ESG investing solutions

Our Equity and Corporate debt ESG investing solutions support investment managers and asset owners with ESG incorporation and risk monitoring, as well as transaction due diligence and reporting aligned with key frameworks.

Industry ESG Analytics

Industry Risk Analytics helps ESG professionals rapidly identify and fully understand inherent ESG risk exposures, enhancing transaction risk screening and investment due diligence through independent, industry-specific ESG risk data.

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ESG and climate risk research and advisory

Through leveraging our unique datasets and applied expertise, we provide trusted advice and support to enhance how you assess real asset ESG and climate risks, strengthen your due diligence, and report against disclosure frameworks like TCFD.

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Sovereign ESG intelligence


Real asset ESG, climate & nature risk


Commodity ESG investing


Equities & Corporate debt ESG investing

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