Global Risk Agenda

Making sense of interconnected risk in a fragmenting world

In 2024, the global risk landscape will remain locked in a process of sweeping realignment that is amplifying a complex set of systemic risks that are increasingly transcending borders and sectors. To help you navigate this new paradigm, we have harnessed our Global Risk Data, predictive models and the expertise of our 60+ research analysts to develop this year’s Global Risk Agenda, which identifies the top 10 risk areas to watch this year and beyond.

Top 10 risks graphic diagram

We will be tracking these issues throughout the year. They will form the bedrock of our research priorities and will drive the analysis in our featured insight series, The Trendline, as well as webinars. By doing so, our aim is to provide unrivalled, data-led insight into the issues that matter most, helping you adapt to the new realities of an interconnected, fragmenting world.

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Global Risk Data

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Global Risk Data

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