Industry Risk Analytics

A universal foundation for ESG risk analysis

For global companies and financial institutions, understanding inherent country risk is fundamental to assessing the ESG and disruption risks of operations, supply chains and investments.

But country risks aren’t just different from place to place. Business activity matters too.

Our Industry Risk Analytics reveals how inherent risks in different locations vary based on industry activity, providing a universal foundation for ESG risk analysis.

What’s different?

Industry Risk Analytics builds on our unrivalled geospatial risk data with granular industry coverage and global & local risk factors to deliver precision industry risk scores across ESG and disruption (D) issues.

Unrivalled geospatial risk data

World-leading country ESG risk data provides high quality location risk assessment foundation.

Broad & deep industry risk coverage

Granular industry coverage, with detailed global and local risk factors capturing key industry risks .

Precise industry-specific risk scores

Location-industry-issue scores reveal how inherent risks in different locations vary with industry activity .

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How can we help?

Supply Chain Risk Mapping

Industry Risk Analytics enables granular, scalable risk-based supplier due diligence and segmentation, by location and industry, so you can confidently act on the most critical ESG risks across your known supplier universe.

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Transaction ESG Screening

Industry Risk Analytics facilitates robust risk-based transaction ESG screening, by location and industry, delivering a universal foundation for your due diligence programme so you can fully understand ESG risk exposures across your company universe.

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  • 198 Countries
  • 50+ Risk indices
  • 80 Industries
Detailed, robust approach
  • Granular industry coverage, including key service sub-industries
  • Precise location-industry-issue scores get your assessment closer to reality
  • Grounded in our world-leading Global Risk Analytics dataset
Flexible, transparent and support
  • Multiple industry maps with SASB, SIC, UNSPSC ready & others in scope
  • Drill into issue and indicator-level data across E, S, G and D for all countries
  • Backed up by country, human rights & environment experts you can access
Outstanding risk coverage
  • Human & labour rights risk coverage puts worker issues front and center
  • Environment risks combine advanced geospatial data with human expertise
  • Disruption risks assess potential threats to business continuity
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Climate & environment - ESG reporting - Geopolitical & country risk - Human rights & social risk - Sustainable finance - Sustainable supply chain

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