Corporate social responsibility

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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We are committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. We have strong beliefs on ethical working practices for our employees, including gender and racial equality, flexible working for families, and giving back to local communities. These beliefs are backed up by company policies to ensure that we not only promote ethical business, but that we also practise it.

Instigating positive change

The work we undertake for our clients is, by its very nature, aimed at enhancing their ability to manage risk and act more responsibly. We believe data has the power to make a fundamental difference to the way in which companies can respect the rights of people around the world and how they interact with the environment.

As populations rise, supply chains spread and the effects of climate change become more pronounced, we know that our research can, and does, instigate positive action by our clients to address issues such as modern slavery, deforestation, child labour, and climate change vulnerability.

The promotion of international human rights is a key area for us. We work alongside major multilateral organisations, charitable foundations and NGOs to help them raise international awareness of these issues through our data and research.

Major projects that feature our data and research

Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum

Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum

With the UNGC and the GE Foundation

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Children's Rights Business Atlas

Children’s Rights and Business Atlas

With UNICEF and the Global Child Forum

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Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are a core part of our business. We work closely with our parent and sister companies to ensure that our sustainable business strategy benefits our team and has minimal negative impacts on the environment and local communities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Communication on Progress to UNGC

As part of our commitment to responsible business, we are a signatory to the UN Global Compact and fully support and implement the 10 Principles.

View our UNGC Communication on Progress

We support our parent company, Verisk, in producing its annual Modern Slavery Statement under the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. The statement outlines Verisk’s commitment to ensuring its supply chains are free of modern slavery, as well as the actions the company is taking to strengthen policies, and raise awareness of the issue internally.

See Verisk's Modern Slavery Statement