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As organisations strive to understand and adapt to a fast-changing world, we empower them to put the environment, human rights and political risk at the heart of their decision-making. We do this by providing unparalleled intelligence on sustainability, resilience and ESG – stitching together these disparate issues into an interconnected global view, built upon objective insight and data.

By thinking ‘big picture’ we capture what matters most to our partners; making positive outcomes possible in a time of change; helping people, business and societies become stronger; creating value with values.

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How we help

  • Map and benchmark risk to your operations, assets and investments using the industry’s most trusted portfolio of risk indices

  • Create instant, data-driven, supplier risk assessments to streamline sustainable procurement processes by combining your supply chain data with our analytics

  • Tap into expert country and geopolitical risk analysis to shape your commercial decisions across key sectors and markets

  • Build business resilience by monitoring disruption risks to your assets, people, suppliers and brand

  • Manage above-ground-risks in key oil and gas and mining markets with expert, on-the-ground industry analysis and sector-specific analytics

  • Make better investment decisions across ESG issues, sovereign risk and new market entry using tailored analytics solutions

  • Develop effective risk mitigation strategies in tandem with our expert team of political risk, human rights and environmental consultants

Global risk data

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Global risk data

Global risk datasets covering 150+ environmental, social, political, economic issues for 198 countries, 200+ commodities and 74 industries

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Climate & environment main image - Solar panels in a desert

Climate & environment

Data and solutions to map and manage corporate exposure to climate change, natural hazards and water risk, and align with disclosure frameworks, such as TCFD

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ESG reporting main image - Refinery

ESG reporting

Sustainability and integrated reporting practice underpinned by 20 years’ experience and deep expertise in ESG strategy, risk management and stakeholder engagement

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Human rights & social risk main image - Apparel factory workers

Human rights & social risk

Manage risk across the entire human rights due diligence cycle covering issues such as modern slavery and child labour with world leading data and an expert team

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Geopolitical & country risk main image - City view at night

Geopolitical & country risk

Understand global and local strategic risk drivers and connections, anticipate their trajectory and make your business more resilient

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Sustainable finance main image - The world from space

Sustainable finance

Our Sustainable finance capability help investors of all types incorporate ESG, climate, natural capital and political risk factors into investment strategies

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Sustainable supply chain main image - Agricultural birds-eye view

Sustainable supply chain

Global risk analytics, commodity data and advisory solutions providing 360° risk assessments of ESG and disruption factors across all tiers of the supply chain

A global company covering global issues

Global issues need a global perspective. That’s why we’ve expanded our presence across the world. Bath remains a key hub of operations for us, but we now have offices in New York, London, Singapore, Calgary, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and beyond. Our people are also regularly in the countries they cover to ensure you get the on-the-ground insight you need.


Climate & environment - ESG reporting - Geopolitical & country risk - Human rights & social risk - Sustainable finance - Sustainable supply chain

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