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Leading the way in ESG reporting for over 20 years

For over 20 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the evolution of ESG reporting and have become the trusted partners of many leading global companies. We help our clients stay on top of the latest ESG reporting standards and trends, allowing them to develop industry-leading disclosures that exceed the expectations of regulators, capital markets, customers and other stakeholders.

Supported by our in-house climate change scientists, human rights experts, supply chain specialists, and industry analysts, our advisors have deep, multi-year subject matter expertise and a proven track record of delivering engaging corporate ESG stories and unique investment cases to external audiences.

Our services span the entire ESG reporting value chain. We can align your disclosures to reporting standards and frameworks, and enable compliance with upcoming regulations, including the CSRD, SEC or ISSB. At the same time, we can deliver meaningful insight into material ESG risks, opportunities and impacts, through our tailored materiality assessment process and stakeholder engagement approaches.

These solutions are tailored to the unique circumstances of your company, and adapted to where you are on the ESG reporting adoption curve, to achieve positive reporting outcomes that communicate your ESG performance in a way that counts.

What we do...

End-to-end report development

End-to-end development of ESG reports with a strategic advisory focus. Our support covers materiality assessments, gap analysis across ESG reporting standards and frameworks, identification and engagement with internal subject matter experts and data owners, short- mid- and long-term ESG roadmap design, ESG report structure (including integrated reporting), ESG metric selection, drafting of supportive narrative adapted to current ESG reporting/ESG rating agency terminology and machine reading.

Stakeholder engagements and reports

Internal and external stakeholder engagements that can inform the materiality assessment process, identify further ESG disclosures and transparency expectations, and help generate deep stakeholder insight across key material topics.

ESG Reporting framework/standard alignment

Comprehensive gap analysis against key external standards and frameworks including but not limited to GRI, ISSB (incl. SASB), TCFD, CSRD (ESRS) and UNGC, as well industry specific frameworks such as IPIECA.

Industry peer benchmarking

Comprehensive peer analysis highlighting current ESG reporting versus a set of selected industry peers, providing a full overview and set of recommendations that effectively result in an improvement in the quality of ESG disclosures and thereby ESG ratings.

ESG rating gap analysis

We help identify areas of improvement across ESG rating agency criteria, with a comprehensive gap analysis across major ESG ratings, including MSCI, S&P, Sustainalytics, CDP etc.

Bespoke executive and board of director training

We develop bespoke training programs for Board members as well as senior and executive management on ESG reporting to help the organization familiarize with the rapidly changing ESG reporting landscape.

Client stories


Integrated reporting and management at an international miner

Verisk Maplecroft worked – as part of a multi-year partnership – with an international miner to apply integrated reporting and to support integrated company management.



GRI reporting for an international semiconductor company

Verisk Maplecroft worked with an international semiconductor company to apply a structured materiality process and align its sustainability reporting with the GRI Guidelines.



Engagement and award-winning reporting for diamond company

Verisk Maplecroft worked over multiple years with a highprofile diamond company, to enhance its stakeholder relations, address key issues of sectoral concern and communicate its performance in an objective, constructive and transparent manner.



Embedded ESG support/GRI reporting for energy company

Verisk Maplecroft has worked with an international energy company over multiple years to help them achieve continuous improvement in ESG performance and GRI sustainability reporting.

Q & A


  • We are a world leading global risk advisory organisation. This means our reporting practice can not only bring to bear deep expertise in ESG data and reporting, but it is supported by in-house climate change scientists, human rights legal experts and supply chain specialists. As such, the value and insight we deliver extends far beyond the ESG reporting cycle.

  • We appreciate that ESG reporting can be a daunting prospect: the so-called ‘alphabet soup’ of voluntary ESG reporting standards and frameworks, ESG ratings, competing stakeholder disclosure requests and upcoming ESG reporting regulation can be difficult to navigate. Our comprehensive approach – starting with an extensive gap analysis and a structured materiality assessment process – can help you plan more effectively and to cut through much of the noise and focus on what matters most to you and your stakeholders. This includes helping you identify and understand the right external standards for your organisation.

  • Reporting is not just a management outcome. Much of the true value is realised when the sustainability reporting cycle is integrated into a multi-year, strategic approach. We can help you to leverage this process to drive valuable strategic dialogue, identify and action areas for improvement, provide executive level ESG reporting training, conduct stakeholder engagement, and enhance multiple aspects of the ESG reporting journey.

  • We can work with you to apply our multi-phase, quantitatively scored and qualitative supported materiality assessment process. This will enable you to identify and prioritise your most significant ESG impacts, integrate internal and external stakeholder feedback, and focus your reporting strategy and management activity where it matters most.

  • Integrated reporting is often a multi-year process. This journey won’t look the same for any one company, but we can work with you to develop your own bespoke roadmap for integration. Not only will this help you to develop a clear and integrated narrative explaining how your organisation creates value – but it will ultimately drive integrated thinking and decision making to help support long-term value creation.

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