ESRS Gap Analysis Tool

Start your transition to ESRS reporting today with the support and guidance of our practical Tool

With the launch of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the publication of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), the EU has launched the most comprehensive expansion and overhaul of sustainability reporting requirements ever, presenting businesses in scope with a massive data collection and disclosure challenge.

Companies need cost effective, impactful support with efficiently transitioning to reporting against the ESRS. This means help with understanding the ESRS’s requirements, assessing where you currently stand and identifying gaps, and determining what you need to do to close those gaps and be compliant in the most efficient and effective way.

Our ESRS Gap Analysis Tool is designed to get your transition to ESRS started today, without waiting months for the results of your new materiality assessment.

Transitioning to the ESRS is a huge challenge - support and guidance is needed

  • Significant complexity

    How do you get a quick, robust overview of the ESRS disclosure requirements?

    Buried in highly technical, dense, and often confusing legal text, stretching over hundreds of pages, getting to grips with the ESRS is a huge, time consuming and potentially costly challenge. Even experienced ESG reporting staff face lengthy compliance and data collection challenges.

  • Materiality barrier

    How can you make progress now, before you know what’s material?

    Most ESRS disclosures are subject to a materiality requirement. Conducting this exercise effectively, especially for the first time under the ESRS’s new double materiality mandate, will likely take months (if done properly).

  • Overwhelming task

    How do you effectively prioritise which disclosure requirements to tackle first?

    The data collection and disclosure challenges of ESRS are immense, considering the array of new and emerging requirements it incorporates, with some highly sensitive, and others complex to collect.

  • Engaging management

    Can you easily present a clear, prioritised work plan to senior management?

    They want to get an overview of the ESRS, and understand where the company currently stands vs where it needs to be, as well as how long it will take, and how much it will cost, to get there. And they want to know today, not tomorrow.

ESRS Gap Analysis Tool

ESRS Gap Analysis Tool laptop

ESRS Gap Analysis Tool

Companies can start their transition to ESRS reporting today, without waiting months for the results of their new (double) materiality assessment.

By conducting a gap analysis now, you can quickly understand your readiness to report against the entire ESRS, irrespective of materiality. And this can be done in days, long before your materiality assessment’s results come in.

Our ESRS Gap Analysis Tool seamlessly facilitates this exercise, with little to no need for external support, enabling you to rapidly assess and understand your current readiness and priority actions to efficiently transition to ESRS-compliant reporting.


Verisk Maplecroft´s ESRS Gap Analysis Tool is designed to help companies quickly see where they stand against the array of new or expanded requirements; to develop priority action plans to efficiently address gaps; and to easily and effectively communicate the road map to colleagues and senior management.

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Quick comprehensive overview

Quickly assess and understand your current state of ESRS readiness, capturing the varying sensitivity of each undisclosed reporting requirement

Save time

Our Tool fully decodes and maps ESRS standard-by-standard, line-by-line, doing a lot of the hard work for you so you focus on taking action

Avoid costs and errors

Leverage our experienced ESG reporting experts who combed through the complex ESRS text, avoiding costs and the risk of errors

Engage management easily

Use our Tool’s outputs, to quickly and confidently lay out a clear, prioritised ESRS work plan that can accelerate your transition timeframe

Start now

Our Tool enables you to take action now, avoiding the potentially months long, inefficient wait for the outputs of your new (double) materiality assessment


Our Tool is designed to enable you to do the work efficiently yourself, so you can quickly make an effective, high-impact action plan

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Our ESRS Gap Analysis Tool enables you to rapidly assess and understand your current readiness and priority actions to efficiently transition to ESRS-compliant reporting

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