Sustainability & integrated reporting

GRI reporting for an international semiconductor company

Verisk Maplecroft worked with an international semiconductor company to apply a structured materiality process and align its sustainability reporting with the GRI Guidelines.

  • Our client sought to enhance its sustainability reporting to bring it closer in line with international best practice and stakeholder expectations. It also sought to evolve its sustainability strategy to better support its business goals and strategic external impact.

  • We worked with the client to apply its first materiality process and to deliver its first GRI-referenced sustainability report. This included:

    • Close engagement with internal / external stakeholders

    • Gap analysis and mapping against GRI

    • The full development of its corporate responsibility report

    • Ongoing review and compliance support

  • Verisk Maplecroft helped the client embed an annual materiality process into its business processes – including ‘full’ biennial assessments supported by ‘light touch’ updates every other year. We also helped bring its sustainability reporting in-line with evolving norms – offering organisation-specific insight and assurance to its customers, investors and other key stakeholders.

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