Sustainability & integrated reporting

Cross-company support for an international mining company

We worked – as part of a multi-year partnership – with an international miner to apply Integrated Reporting and to support integrated company management.

  • Challenge

    Our client, which was headquartered in South Africa, was required by the King III Code to apply Integrated Reporting. In addition, commitment from senior management – as well as a global project portfolio with assets in potentially challenging locations – meant the client was keen to leverage the experience to support integrated decision-making throughout the company.

  • Solution

    We worked with the client to deliver its first Integrated Report – using embedded consultants. This was supported by additional workstreams, including regional integrated risk assessments and workshops, localised communications, stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, project analysis and external rating support.

  • Outcome

    We helped the client win national and international awards for its reporting over multiple years, and achieve among the best ratings for mining companies in the DJSI. The client also succeeds in integrating material sustainability elements throughout its management systems – including data collection, internal reporting, KPIs and other elements.