Sustainability & integrated reporting

Engagement and award-winning reporting for diamond company

Verisk Maplecroft worked over multiple years with a high-profile diamond company, to enhance its stakeholder relations, address key issues of sectoral concern and communicate its performance in an objective, constructive and transparent manner.

  • The diamond sector faced high-levels of civil society and consumer concern due to the role played by ‘conflict diamonds’ in funding civil conflict in a range of African countries – as well as issues relating to the political, social and economic impact of mining in Africa more broadly. This threatened the reputation not only of our high profile client, but of diamonds as a whole.

  • We helped the client over multiple years to ‘build bridges’ with civil society via:

    • Multi-stakeholder forums to analyse client performance / external concerns

    • Dialogues to discuss contentious issues linked to African mining

    • In addition, we helped produce innovative, engaging and analytically compelling sustainability reports – including the application of risk-based reporting.

  • Our efforts helped ‘re-set’ relations with critics, ensure the client was addressing stakeholder concerns and supported ‘mutual education’ over areas of concern.

    The sustainability reports we produced for the client achieved national and international awards and pioneered many now-mainstream facets of sustainability reporting such as infographics, materiality, third party commentary, etc

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