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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Staying objective is one of the hardest things to achieve when assessing risk. Our risk indices and predictive analytics are designed to eliminate bias and uncertainty to give you the confidence to act based on independent data you can trust.

What makes our data different?

No one else can give you a risk score for any location on earth across over 150 political, human rights and environmental risks.

The breadth, depth and quality of our data is unmatched. We’re the world’s only provider of structured human rights risk data, a third of our indices are subnational and each index is updated either quarterly or annually. We use only the most cutting-edge methodologies available, all underpinned by a brilliant team of over 60 country, issue and sector experts.

By combining your location data with ours you can simplify complex global risk assessments and map the entire range of issues affecting your international operations, extended supply chains and investments with pinpoint accuracy.

What areas do our risk indices cover?

  • Political Risk

  • The Civil Unrest Index assesses the risk of disruption to business caused by the mobilisation of societal groups in response to economic, political or social factors.

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  • Our Corruption Index assesses risk by modelling the strength of anti-corruption legislation, the efficacy and independence of anti-corruption bodies, transparency of public finances and the prevalence of corruption from a business perspective.

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  • The Government Stability Index assesses the stability of executive authority and the potential for an illegitimate transfer of power such as a coup. In countries without a stable basis for executive power, businesses face a host of challenges including heightened regulatory uncertainty and the potential for increased operating costs.

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  • The Terrorism Risk Index combines data on the frequency and intensity of five years of attacks with an assessment of the threat posed by active terrorist groups, and whether counterterrorism forces in the country have the capacity to deal with this risk.

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And 140+ more... want to see the full list?

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