Industry risk data

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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Although companies around the world are steadily improving their sustainability management, their association with issues such as water pollution, carbon emissions, labour rights and corruption vary significantly across industries. Our industry risk data blend your locational data with industry-specific risk scores to provide an instant and transparent assessment of the most material risks associated with your operations, supply chain or investment portfolio.

In providing evidence-based adjustment scores for 74 industries, this new dataset allows users to build a comprehensive understanding of their industries' ESG exposure, alongside the risk posed by an industry to a country’s sustainability performance.

Use our industry risk analytics dataset for a range of activities, including:

  • Allowing financial sector professionals to monitor the environmental and social risk profile of transactions across multiple business lines, especially corporate and project finance, and develop an understanding of how your overall risk profile is evolving.

  • Enabling procurement departments to identify the impact the industries they source from have on stakeholders and the environment across 198 countries globally.

  • Helping sustainable procurement professionals cut beneath tier 1 suppliers and gain a transparent view of global sourcing risks. By quantifying risk associated with multiple value chain tiers, the dataset allows you to pinpoint those which are the most material to your operations.