Human rights risk data & indices

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Screening for exposure to human rights violations is essential for organisations seeking to understand the environment in which they’re operating. Companies and investors face an increasing array of legal, ethical and reputational challenges around the world, and a deteriorating human rights environment can provide a telling signal about related issues such as political risk and levels of good f governance. High-quality data can help you to uncover unseen risks in your operations, and prioritise mitigation efforts.

Our human rights dataset consists of 31 indices assessing key elements of the human rights and development environment, including labour rights, civil and political rights, human security, poverty, education and health.

Use our human rights dataset for a range of activities, including:

  • Screening suppliers to understand your exposure to risks in the workforce, including child labour, modern slavery and occupational health and safety

  • Monitoring rights such as freedom of expression and torture as a leading indicator of political instability

  • Feeding into ESG models to understand how social factors feed into economic / financial performance in the long run

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