German Supply Chain Act solutions

Risk analysis data, guidance, and support to help you meet the challenge of compliance

Comprehensive risk data tailored to the LkSG

Our robust geospatial Dataset precisely captures each risk defined in the law, enabling consistent and accurate risk analysis across your entire supply chain. The LkSG risk analysis requirements include:

  • Assessing all LkSG risks across global supply chains and operations
  • 20 human rights and environmental prohibitions
  • 16 country and sector-specific risk indices are needed at minimum
  • 9 risk indices covering factors such as political framework conditions and the risk exposure of vulnerable groups of people

global risk indices capturing all LkSG human rights and environmental risks and other relevant issues

World-leading risk data

  • 198
    country coverage
  • 100%
    LkSG risk coverage
  • 80%
    indices with sector/industry risk coverage
  • 70%
    regional/subnational risk coverage*
  • 70%
    raw material risk coverage*

*figures exclude context-dependent factors


    Human rights prohibitions


    Environmental prohibitions


    Political framework conditions


    Vulnerable groups of people

What sets our data apart?


Our robust Dataset covers all risks defined in the law, including all human rights and environmental prohibitions (mercury pollution, hazardous waste and persistent organic pollutants), as well as factors such as political risks and the exposure of vulnerable groups of people to related harms


The data covers all sectors, industries and countries at national and subnational resolutions, as well as key raw materials, enabling geospatial risk analysis across all tiers of your supply chain


The methodologies of our industry and country risk datasets map to OECD guidelines, while our human rights indices build on the UN OHCHR’s ‘protect, respect, remedy’ framework


Our indices can be used to prioritise high-risk issues across industries, purchasing categories, sites and suppliers

Easily access and utilise our data

GRiD laptop image - 1

Easily access and utilise our data

GRiD, our Global Risk Dashboard, is a powerful, intuitive and scalable risk analysis platform. Its geospatial capabilities can provide risk scores at either national or subnational-levels. GRiD allows you to input the locations of your suppliers, operations and assets, bridging the divide between our data and yours through its analysis and integration (API) features.

Support backed by experts

James Sinclair - Director of Human rights
Dr James Sinclair
Director of Human Rights
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Support backed by experts

Our dedicated client success and expert analyst teams are on hand to help you get the most out of the Dataset. With decades of practical knowledge and experience, we can support you with the law’s risk analysis requirements and more, including:

  • Abstract and concrete risk analysis
  • Upscaling your HREDD capabilities
  • Assessing upstream raw material risks
  • Developing your human rights strategy and policy statement
  • Risk-based strategic advice on key commercial decisions
GRiD laptop image - 2


Save time

Make robust and objective risk-adjusted decisions quickly with the support of our data, Global Risk Dashboard (GRiD) and HREDD experts

All risks

Get the risk analysis you need for all relevant LkSG risks across countries, industries and raw materials

Prioritise effectively

Focus your actions by using our comprehensive risk data to identify high-risk issues across your own business areas and suppliers

Expert support

Our expert HREDD analysts and dedicated client success team are on hand to help you meet the law’s requirements

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you with the German Supply Chain Act? Speak to our experts and request a demo today.

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