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Geopolitics, climate change, political instability, economic pressures, and threats to human rights have become more intertwined than ever, and the impacts on trade, operating environments and supply chains are accelerating. Traditional methods of assessing these issues in isolation are no longer valid. In this era of complexity and uncertainty, a holistic approach to these mutually reinforcing global risks must combine cutting-edge analytics, expert analysis, and data science. This is central to formulating long-lasting corporate and investment strategies that can successfully identify opportunity and enhance resilience.

We combine deep expertise across political, environmental, human rights and economic issues with an unparalleled portfolio of global risk data and advanced forecasting capabilities. Through our independent, objective, and actionable risk intelligence, we enable clients to identify emerging risks, understand how, where and why high-impact events will affect them and put mitigation strategies in place to protect and improve their commercial performance.

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Make faster, smarter decisions


Tap into a full-spectrum global risk service combining data and analysis to connect political, environmental, social and economic issues and their potential impacts


Use 170+ global ESG and political risk indices to identify risks and opportunities according to the geographic location of your operations, investments or assets


Monitor the trajectory of risks and recognise early warning signals through cutting-edge data, forecasting, horizon scanning and scenario analysis


Understand how a fast-moving and uncertain global risk landscape is likely to evolve and what it means for your business, supply chain or commercial goals


Remove subjectivity from your decision-making and challenge internal assumptions through objective, expert analysis backed by proprietary risk data


Utilise an extensive team of experienced ESG, geopolitical and industry experts as part of your extended team to answer the questions that matter most to you

What sets us apart


We tailor our services according to our clients’ strategic priorities, providing the right blend of data and analysis they need to identify, manage and mitigate risk and pinpoint the opportunities that are key to their success

Our skillset

With a team of 50+ expert analysts, consultants and data scientists, alongside the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of global risk analytics, you have access to an unrivalled depth of expertise and a unique set of resources


Underpinning everything we do are our expert analysts and consultants who are on hand for in-person briefings, to answer your questions, and shine a light on the global ESG and political issues that are material to you

Learn how our data and analysts can help support

Anna Gilmour - Head of Global Risk Insights, Corporate Risk and Sustainability
Anna Gilmour
Head of Global Risk Insights, Corporate Risk and Sustainability
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Learn how our data and analysts can help support

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Guide - How to use political risk data to navigate
an increasingly uncertain world

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Download our guide to learn more about how to put this into action and make your business more resilient.


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