Listen to webinar: Environmental Risk Outlook 2020

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We hosted a two-part webinar where we discuss key and emerging issues from our Environmental Risk Outlook 2020. Our experts examine why sea level rise is a problem to be faced today as much as the future, outline what companies have to do to avoid falling foul of investors and regulators over climate risk disclosures and highlight why deforestation is moving up legislative and corporate agendas.

Our team of analysts also touch on the dangers of populist leaders rolling back environmental laws and how this contributes to the growing wave of protests and court cases facing businesses.

Part 1:

China’s manufacturing heartland most at risk from rising seas

Crunch year for climate risk reporting

Corporates set to foot the bill in battle to combat deforestation

Part 2 

’Strong-man’ leaders weaken environmental oversight

Climate change activism goes mainstream

Download the webinar recording to find out:

  • Which economic regions are most threatened by increasing rates of sea level rise.
  • How companies can get to grips with TCFDs – and the risks if they cannot.
  • Where environment and climate laws are under threat and how weakening standards will impact corporations.
  • Why climate protests and lawsuits are putting the energy sector under pressure like never before.
  • How supply chains will be affected as forest laws spring up.


  • Will Nichols, Head of Environment and Climate Change research
  • Richard Hewston, Principal Consultant, Climate Change
  • Miha Hribernik, Head of Asia Risk Insight
  • Rory Clisby, Environment and Climate Change Analyst
  • Liz Hypes, Environment and Climate Change Analyst