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Verisk Maplecroft produces award-winning sustainability, integrated and themed reports for leading global brands

Award-winning integrated reporting for Gold Fields
Five years of sustainability reporting for De Beers

Integrated reporting

We produce integrated annual reports focusing on the short-, medium- and long-term risks and opportunities that are relevant and material to our clients and their stakeholders. These are fully aligned with international reporting standards and industry benchmarks, such as the King Code in South Africa. Our reports are fully integrated, blending traditional operational and financial reporting with strategic insight into relevant political, societal, environmental and ethical issues – informed by content from Verisk Maplecroft’s products and services.

Our experience and breadth of content enables us to present a truly objective analysis of relevant risks and opportunities and advise on effective approaches towards continuous improvement and transparent communication.

We offer a complete service, including reporting strategy, structure, writing, design and digital publication. We can also produce customised reports or papers focused on specific themes and issues being managed by our clients.

Sustainability reporting

Verisk Maplecroft has been producing award-winning sustainability and social responsibility reports for global brands, NGOs and entire sectors for more than a decade. Reports are structured to demonstrate performance against defined sustainability targets and are aligned with best practice standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress framework. Reports are customised to focus on issues of specific importance to our clients, and include:

  • Meaningful case studies that are directly linked to clients’ sustainability strategies
  • Communication of stakeholder engagement activities – and the analysis of outcomes
  • Stakeholder viewpoints, both on the client and its performance, and on specific issues of relevance to the client
  • Highly visual ‘features’ to communicate and enliven specific issues
  • Insightful linking of text, data and design to add overall value to reporting analysis and communication


Verisk Maplecroft provides ‘mission-guided’ assurance services to leading global businesses, giving second-party assurance for reports we are directly involved in developing, as well as independent third-party assurance. By doing so, we help clients identify gaps in their existing reports and practices (e.g. scope, boundaries, process and data) and directly inform improvement action plans.

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Developing a leading approach to sustainable mining

Verisk Maplecroft continues to support a major global gold mining company in the development, design and production of its Integrated Annual Report – as well as the strategy that sits behind it. Our partnership with the company has progressed over several years, during which we have helped it move towards its vision of being “the global leader in sustainable gold mining”.

Our work to date includes: the development of a customised risk management dashboard; internal engagement programmes at mine operations across three continents; development of an integrated mine lifecycle approach to global risks and Sustainable Development (SD) planning; and advice on Sustainable Strategy development at Board level, including on key topics such as resource nationalism. “Verisk Maplecroft has been instrumental in helping us formulate our Sustainable Development strategy,” commented our client. These Integrated Annual Reports have also won numerous industry awards.

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