Geospatial ESG investing

Geospatial ESG, climate, natural capital and political risk data and intelligence for investors

For over a decade, we’ve been integrating geospatial data into environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis. Now, geospatial ESG is moving into the mainstream.

Our Geospatial ESG Solutions help investors of all types incorporate ESG, climate, natural capital and political risk factors into investment strategies across multiple asset classes.

How we support investors with geospatial ESG, climate and political risk

Supporting the world’s leading investors

Why work with us?

We provide a unique perspective

A geospatial ESG view

ESG originated in bottom-up equity analysis but is now rapidly being integrated across all asset classes. Our alternative, geospatial view comprehensively incorporates the geographic, industry and commodity dimensions of ESG, climate and political risk factors, which are critical for full integration

Integrated risk analysis

With a degrading environment, accelerating climate change and global human rights challenges all colliding to destabilise established political, social and economic systems, our data-driven, integrated risk analysis approach delivers a unique vantage point for investors.

Proprietary data & expertise

For over a decade we’ve developed pioneering assessments and projections of complex geospatial ESG, climate change and political risk issues, delivering powerful metrics and material insight to leading investors, and providing expert advice on their incorporation into investment strategies.