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Supply Chain Management Tool™

Verisk Maplecroft works with some of the world’s leading organisations to structure and inform approaches to responsible and strategic sourcing. We advise on all stages of the process for all sectors. This includes risk assessment and risk-based due diligence for existing and new suppliers, geographic and commodity analysis for directs and indirects, as well as monitoring risk and resilience across the supply chain.

The Supply Chain Management Tool™ is the latest innovative solution offered by Verisk Maplecroft to support clients in meeting responsible and strategic sourcing objectives. This online dashboard enables users to:

The Supply Chain Management Tool™ enables clients to:

  • Evaluate individual supplier risk across 170+ risk issues, including political, economic, social, environmental and natural hazards risks
  • Identifying where to prioritise mitigation strategies, i.e. which suppliers should be included in the first phase of your management programme
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