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Human rights monitoring

Human rights monitoring

Human rights risk monitoring and management is increasingly important to responsible and proactive business. Verisk Maplecroft works in partnership with its clients to ensure ongoing monitoring of human rights risk is a central part of the mainstream risk-management process.

Our approach to monitoring human rights typically involves the deployment of a human rights survey at all company operations. This can be adapted and aligned with company values, principles or policies to provide an overview of human rights risk at an operational level (i.e. the risk of infringement in each of the different geographies worldwide). Alignment with company policy also ensures accurate compliance measurement activities.

The aim of our engagement is to locate and assess risks and develop mitigation strategies for high risk regions or operations. This enables the prevention of possible infringements as well as associated operational and reputational risks.

Case study

Identifying high risk operations

Verisk Maplecroft was engaged by a global consumer goods company to rate and rank the human rights exposure for each of its 80 operations worldwide. Work involved the development and dissemination of a self-assessment survey to each operation.

The human rights risk survey and subsequent analysis covered seven areas of the human rights agenda: complicity; freedom of association; forced and bonded labour; child labour; discrimination; health, safety and conditions of work; and privacy. Quantitative scorecards on risk exposure and management proficiency were developed for each individual operation and geographic region. A set of short, medium and longer term recommendations were provided and included in presentations to senior executives and the board.

Updates are completed annually, with summaries of progress also presented in the company's corporate responsibility reports.

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