Sustainable procurement

Our global risk data provides full visibility of the ESG risks in your organisation’s supply chain. It helps you embed an evidence-based approach to monitoring global suppliers, and it simplifies compliance with ever-evolving supply chain regulations. With over 150 global risk indices, the world’s only subnational human rights data set and 160+ commodity risk assessments, we are uniquely placed to help you streamline your responsible sourcing processes by giving you instant, data-rich risk profiles for each supplier and raw material in your supply chain.

With an experienced and expert team of sustainable procurement consultants, we can help you embed this data into your processes, while also providing a full-spectrum diagnostic of your supplier due diligence processes. From governance, policies and supplier onboarding, to risk assessments, monitoring, grievance mechanisms, escalation and remediation, we develop custom action plans tailored precisely to your needs that will help you address supplier due diligence gaps and improve your third-party ratings.

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  • By combining your supplier data with our world-leading global risk indices you can instantly risk assess your global suppliers across 150+ ESG and political risk issues for 198 countries. To ensure you have the granularity of data you need for specific supplier sites, you have access to world’s only structured subnational human rights data set, which covers 10 issues, including child and forced labour, for 3600 states and administrative areas globally. Used in tandem with our subnational environmental indices for risks, such as deforestation and water quality, we can pinpoint supplier exposure to the full range of responsible sourcing risks.

  • By segmenting suppliers using metrics such as geographic risk, type (direct / indirect), industry, spend, materiality and criticality, you will be able to identify and prioritise high-risk entities and become more strategic with your audits. 

  • If auditing budgets are limited or it’s not practical to deploy audits for certain supplier types, a SMART SAQ approach can help collect reliable information on supplier due diligence processes. Our solution ensures that suppliers are asked only the most relevant questions, based on their issue-specific risk scores.

  • By drawing on our risk data and profiles for 160+ commodities, you will be able to get an instant, actionable view of risks concealed in the lowest tiers of the supply chain of your key commodities.

  • Our internationally recognised data will help you comply with risk assessment requirements of emerging legislation on modern slavery, trafficking and conflict minerals. We can also conduct an overall diagnostic of your supply chain due diligence processes, starting from policy documents right through to remediation, to help you effectively report on your progress.

  • Depending on organisation size and supplier types, different supplier management systems are appropriate. Our sustainable procurement solutions can be delivered via our online dashboard, API, Excel and Power BI formats and integrated into a client’s existing supplier management system, as well as in partnership with supplier management platform providers.

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