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An ‘end to end’ responsible sourcing solution

For many companies there is no instruction manual for how to identify and manage the risks of modern slavery, human rights abuses and conflict minerals appearing in their supply chains. Without the right resources in place, satisfying the growing consumer appetite for responsibly sourced goods and complying with new legislation can be costly, time consuming and complex, while the price of getting it wrong cannot be overstated.

Our ‘end to end’ responsible sourcing service enables the companies to take control of these risks. Specialist consultants, proprietary political, human rights and environmental risk analytics and in-depth research products support our clients’ responsible sourcing programmes across the entire risk management cycle, from strategy and policy through to risk assessment, monitoring and reporting.

How can companies better identify risks in the supply chain?


  • Instantly risk assess all direct and indirect suppliers using trusted, third party, global risk indices covering 150 issues

  • Identify and understand risk beyond tier 1 of the supply chain using commodity-specific data and analysis

  • Aids compliance with new and emerging legislation on modern slavery, trafficking and conflict minerals

  • Benchmarking of risks saves time and cost by enabling you to target limited budgets where they are most needed

  • Expert consultants help you align with industry best practice, stakeholder priorities and material issues

  • Advice on countries and commodities informs buying strategies, new country entry and de-listing of suppliers

Key features

  • Responsible Sourcing Risk Data

    Assess risks to your supply chains using human rights, environmental and political risk indices

  • Interactive Platforms

    Blend your supply chain data with our analytics to map, visualise and analyse risk

  • Human Rights Research

    Industry-leading analysis of risks, trends and opportunities in major sourcing countries

  • Commodity Analysis

    Benchmarking of 20 risks for 100+ commodities in major producing and exporting countries

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