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Maplecroft’s Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard identifies risks in global supply chains, operations and investments

Maplecroft’s Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard identifies risks in global supply chains, operations and investments

Corporate value chains are exposed to ever more challenging business environments, as companies engage in new market opportunities and revenue streams and explore supply chain efficiencies in the growth markets. Among the key challenges for foreign companies in these economies are the significant risks from exposure and complicity to human rights violations and unethical practices in operations, business partnerships or supplier relationships.

In response to these pressures, Maplecroft releases the Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard today. This helps multinational companies assess, prioritise, monitor and manage those areas of their value chain where the risk of human rights violations, or complicity in them, is highest.

The interactive tool builds on Maplecroft’s extensive portfolio of human rights risk indices and country analysis with insight into different sectors, location in the value chain, nature of entity etc. to generate a custom risk assessment score and risk mitigation recommendation. This is supplemented by entity scorecards and interactive maps that facilitate horizon scanning, scenario planning and trend analysis.

Maplecroft’s customisable Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard includes a number of actionable features:

  • Analyses of the full range of up-to-date labour, civil, political and development rights risks, as well as access to remedy challenges facing corporate value chains
  • Objectively scores, profiles and prioritises an unlimited number of international company sites (including facilities, investments, partners and suppliers) according to their assessed human rights risk profile, calculated on the basis both of their location(s) and the nature of activity
  • Interactively maps current and potential sites of interest to understand comparative and emerging human rights risk exposures across an asset portfolio and/or supplier base
  • Tracks emerging allegations of human rights violations in sectors and key countries of interest
  • Provides access to shared critical human rights-relevant documentation and other resources including in-depth country risk reports, labour standards reports and country-commodity analysis
  • Implements appropriate measures to manage the associated risks
Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard

Pinpoint risks to operations and investments worldwide using the mapping interface

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Maplecroft’s Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard provides a quick and effective management solution for human rights risk assessment, profiling and management across an organisation’s global value chain; enabling greater alignment with stakeholder and investor expectations for responsible business. It also helps companies meet their human rights due diligence obligations, as laid out in UN special representative John Ruggie’s ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ framework; and facilitates alignment with other international standards for best practice. These include: the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, the IFC Performance Standards, entry into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and evaluation criteria for SA8000© auditing.

“In an era characterised by increasingly stringent extra-territorial legislation, stakeholder scrutiny and investor requirements on risk management, the ability for leading companies to demonstrate they understand and are actively managing the human rights risks and impacts associated with their global footprint has never been more important,” states Maplecroft’s Managing Director of Professional Services, Dr Kevin Franklin.

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