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The industry standard for human rights risk identification and mitigation

As legislation on modern slavery, conflict minerals and trafficking hardens and consumer and shareholder expectations expand, companies risk damage to their reputations and profits unless they show clear leadership in lessening their human rights impacts.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped the world’s largest organisations proactively respond to these challenges by giving them the tools and advice they need to manage their exposure to human rights risk. Our human rights due diligence solutions enable companies to identify, understand and prioritise key human rights risks, comply with new legislation and communicate effectively with stakeholders to inspire confidence in their brand.

Can data help turn Human Rights Due Diligence from a challenge to an opportunity?


  • Methodologies aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights

  • World-leading human rights data systematically identifies and prioritises risks across your business/supply chain

  • Practical and impactful mitigation strategies developed using unique insights from cross-sector collaborations

  • Expert human rights team tailor approaches that help you respond to slavery, conflict minerals, trafficking challenges

  • Analysis of drivers of risk guide early intervention efforts to mitigate the risk, providing future time/cost benefits

  • Expert independent third-party risk assessment increases credibility of reporting on impacts and progress

Key features

  • Human Rights Data

    Quantifies risks for 198 countries across 34 human rights and development issues

  • Human Rights Risk Assessments

    Combine site or supplier data with our analytics to pinpoint high risk locations

  • Human Rights Benchmarking

    Analysis of human rights due diligence performance relative to peers/ best practice

  • Human Rights Training

    Participatory practical training rooted in risk-based approach to managing human rights

A slidedeck describing our capabilities in further detail is available:

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