Human rights due diligence

Conducting a human rights gap assessment

We worked alongside the corporate responsibility team in a multinational food and beverage company to conduct an in-depth analysis of its human rights due diligence systems against international standards.

  • Challenge

    The client wanted to conduct a full due diligence assessment to see how well it was managing human rights risks in their internal policies, processes and procedures. The client was interested in its overall due diligence, as well as management procedures for key commodities.

  • Solution

    We conducted a gap assessment to evaluate the extent to which the company’s human rights due diligence procedures are aligned with recognised performance standards (i.e. ILO, UN, GRI standards) and integrated into its company-wide management procedures. We focused our questions and interviews on key commodities.

  • Outcome

    The gap assessment enabled the client to quickly assess the robustness of its internal management systems and identify due diligence stages that require greater attention or internal alignment.