New Verisk Maplecroft, CORE collaboration aims to enhance human rights due diligence

Today marks the launch of a new business and human rights collaboration, which combines Verisk Maplecroft’s industry-leading human rights risk data with advisory services from newly formed consultancy CORE – The Human Side of Business. The alliance aims to provide a fully comprehensive service to support and enhance the development and execution of robust human rights due diligence (HRDD) programmes for multinational corporations.

The strategic alliance will leverage the respective strengths and resources of the two companies. Verisk Maplecroft will contribute its Human Rights Dataset, which includes 34 global risk indices assessing the entire range of civil, political and labour rights at national and subnational levels. CORE will bring its extensive expertise in implementing regulations and international standards in HRDD processes, creating a robust and integrated offering together.

“We are delighted to be working with the CORE team,” says Verisk Maplecroft’s Director of Human Rights, Dr James Sinclair. “The collaboration will provide an ideal synergy of market leading data and advisory services.”

The partnership will also build on CORE’s expertise in cultural transformation and capacity building to embed responsible business conduct into corporate culture through e-learning courses, employee and supplier training programs, and leadership coaching.

“Bringing together our unique blend of expertise with Verisk Maplecroft’s data will provide businesses with a solid foundation to manage human rights risks effectively,” adds Lisa Szeponik, Managing Director of CORE. “Together, we can help companies drive positive impact on rightsholders at different levels of their business activities by building human rights due diligence programmes that make a real difference.”

Verisk Maplecroft is a market-leading provider of geospatial data and risk intelligence, covering human rights, sustainable procurement, climate, natural capital, political and geopolitical issues. A Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) company, Verisk Maplecroft has an international corporate client base with a combined market capitalisation of over $15tn, spanning the energy, mining, information technology, retail, insurance, financial services, manufacturing and automotive sectors. With over 20 years’ experience, the Verisk Maplecroft team has established itself as a trusted advisor to clients on human rights and business, alongside a wide range of sustainability related topics.

CORE is a newly launched enterprise established by a group of five leading business and human rights experts, who have a wealth of experience advising multinational organisations on identifying and addressing their human rights risks and impacts. CORE will leverage its people-centered approach and long-standing practical experience in implementing human rights due diligence processes – most recently under the German Supply Chain Act – to help clients embed the strategic and cultural changes necessary to stay ahead of the fast-evolving business and human rights paradigm.