Mining risk

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts

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We help mining companies understand and monitor the above-ground-risks and opportunities facing their businesses and assets. With more than a decade’s experience, our team has built a deep knowledge of the mining sector and works closely with a range of client teams to develop effective, integrated management approaches.  This includes the development and implementation of situation-specific risk assessments – from remote new-country entry analysis to in-depth, asset-level fieldwork.

Work with us to:

  • Supplement commercial and geological analysis to make better, more integrated decisions

  • Progress thinking around potentially complex challenges – and help identify ways forward

  • Understand the interaction between your own impacts and your stakeholder risks

  • Identify less tangible above-ground assets and liabilities associated with existing or planned projects

Q & A

Risk management solutions across the entire lifecycle

Hugo Brennan

Head of Mining research
  • We have built tailored solutions for mining firms on above-ground-risk and sustainability issues for more than 14 years, and which ‘connect the dots’ between geological, technical and financial variables across the lifecycle

  • In our mining country risk reports we go beyond generic, contextual analysis to focus on the issues that matter, including social licence to operate and permitting risks. Our relationship with Wood Mackenzie enables us to marry our analysis with their expertise on supply, demand, trade and price dynamics

  • Via our above-ground risk service, we deliver regular updates and analysis that enable you to monitor ongoing and emerging risks, and you can also speak directly with our analysts to stay ahead of country-level developments

  • Using scenario mapping and horizon-scanning analysis, we can evaluate the risk landscape two and ten years in advance in your host countries, and therefore help you to understand the underlying drivers of risk and improve your planning and mitigation efforts 

  • Our consulting team has a wealth of on-the-ground experience, and has carried out asset-level, on-the-ground human rights impact and risk / opportunity assessments and stakeholder engagements in challenging jurisdictions – ranging from DR Congo to the Philippines

  • Our consultants can work with you to develop integrated, cross-disciplinary risk and opportunity strategies and action plans at corporate, regional and asset level. They will help you to adopt 'continuous improvement' management systems and integrate structured, risk analysis models and specialist thematic training to employees.

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