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Quantify the above-ground risk exposure of oil and gas companies

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Make smarter, faster, data-driven business decisions

Whether you work in corporate oil and gas, asset management or banking, our Corporate Exposure Tool (CET) gives you an instant, data-driven assessment of the global above-ground risks facing the upstream oil and gas industry.

The CET is a risk assessment tool that provides an unparalleled view of risk that can help shape your commercial decisions or investment strategies. It measures asset-level, oil & gas company and industry exposure to ESG, climate and political risks by combining two world class data-sets – our portfolio of 150+ national and subnational risk indices and our sister company, Wood Mackenzie’s, field-level commercial data.

Using the Corporate Exposure Tool (CET), you can match asset-level risk scores to all energy companies’ production, reserves, capex or NPV across their global upstream operations and weight those risk scores by the commercials to produce company-level metrics.

Compare your company's risk exposure to your peers in any industry

Can you measure above-ground risk at an asset level?

The Corporate Exposure Tool can help you:

  • Quantify above-ground risk exposure for a single asset, a company, or across the entire industry
  • Perform due-diligence on deals beyond generic industry risks
  • Understand the exposure of your portfolio to climate change-related risks
  • Screen for high-value oil and gas transactions and red-flag potential corruption, compliance or AML / CTF issues
  • Evaluate exploration and acquisition opportunities in frontier and emerging economies against political and security risks
  • Benchmark your company’s ESG exposure against your peers

Measure the risk exposure of your assets across the globe

Who could benefit from the Corporate Exposure Tool?

  • Corporate Strategy, M&A and Country Entry

    Evaluate the exposure of your company’s portfolio of oil- and gas fields to shifts in the operating environment, make risk-adjusted decisions on strategic acquisitions and divestments, and benchmark your exposure against that of your industry peers.

    Investor Relations

    Stay ahead of investor inquiries by using the same data that analysts use to evaluate non-financial risk in upstream oil and gas. Proactively engage shareholders on topics like climate change, occupational health- and safety or water stress to demonstrate how you’re fulfilling your mandate.

    Governmental Relations, CSR and Sustainability

    Quantify your operational footprint on social and environmental issues that are key to your social license to operate, and identify hotspots for outreach to communities, civil society, and policy makers.

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  • Asset Owners, Portfolio Managers and ESG Analysts

    Understand and anticipate material political, economic, social, climate and environmental risks in upstream oil- and gas and their impacts to your investments, and screen investment opportunities for ESG issues. Run risk scenarios to understand the impact of M&A, new business and exploration on company asset portfolios.

    Environmental and Social Risk Management

    Conduct one-click risk assessments of environmental and social risks associated with transactions in project and infrastructure finance, and easy due diligence screens for reputational, legal, and disruption risks in deal opportunities.

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