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Reporting and assurance

Reporting and assurance

Verisk Maplecroft produces award winning sustainability and social responsibility reports for leading global brands, NGOs and even sectors e.g. the recent IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Report 2009. Reports are aligned with best practice standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative and United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress framework. Reports can also be developed to focus on issues and risks that are relevant and material to the company and its stakeholders.

Each report is tailored to an organisation's needs and based on expert understanding of sustainability. Our team offers a full spectrum integrated service. Consultants develop, write, design and deliver high specification reports that are structured to demonstrate performance against defined sustainability targets. Reports will also include case studies of engagement, stakeholder viewpoints, feature pages and other visually compelling tools that make the end product more accessible and engaging to interested parties.

Case study

Award winning full service reporting

For the third consecutive year Verisk Maplecroft has won sustainability reporting awards for a leading diamond mining company. The latest report was declared Overall Winner in the ACCA South Africa Sustainability Reporting Awards in October 2010. ACCA South Africa noted that the report was “well ahead of all of the other submissions” and therefore decided to recognise it as the “Overall Winner”.

In addition to designing, writing and producing report content, Verisk Maplecroft also provided second party insight into the reporting process and commented on the integrity of the company's sustainability management systems. It also identifies "gaps" in the reporting scope, boundaries and process and assists the company to continuously improve its sustainability risk management and performance. Verisk Maplecroft also continues to moderate an ongoing set of "diamond dialogues" with external stakeholders.

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