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Custom maps and websites

Custom maps and websites

Verisk Maplecroft develops bespoke, interactive GIS (Geographical Information Systems) maps for corporate, civil society and other clients.

These maps allow organisations to communicate important but sometimes poorly understood risks to internal and external stakeholders. Maps are created by subject matter experts in partnership with a dedicated GIS and software team to ensure outcomes are both factually accurate, as well as visually stimulating and relevant.

Maps can be tailored to cover issues, value chains and sectors. They can be presented in hard copy format, as single issues or as interactive online "atlas" applications enabling multiple issue overlays. Online maps allow users to drill down sub-nationally and chart "hotspots" and local events to within a 50km radius anywhere worldwide.

Our technology allows online maps to be exported to Google Earth or as JPEGs for use in PowerPoint presentations, reports etc. We also design, manufacture and host clients interactive maps and can deliver tailored websites for secure internal use or for an external public audience.

Featured case studies

Girls Discovered

In partnership with the Nike Foundation and the UN Foundation, Verisk Maplecroft has launched Girls Discovered: Global Maps of Adolescent Girls.

Girls Discovered is a comprehensive source of maps and data on the status of adolescent girls worldwide. The website enables users to view, download and print over 200 maps and datasets, as well as create their own maps by overlaying two different datasets. Users can learn more about the challenges facing adolescent girls by taking a journey through the childhood and adolescence of Sunita, an Indian girl from Orissa.

Downloadable 'Action Guides' demonstrate how practitioners can use the data on Girls Discovered to make a meaningful impact on the lives of girls. This one-stop shop for information on adolescent girls is sourced from organisations operating in the public interest, and is meant for researchers, practitioners, advocates, policy-makers and the public: anyone who seeks change for the world's 600 million adolescent girls.

Visit the Girls Discovered website

North Star Alliance

Verisk Maplecroft, in collaboration with the North Star Alliance, is producing maps of wellness centres for truck drivers at major truck stops and border crossings in Africa, India and Asia.

The roadside health clinics are established by the North Star Alliance to mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDS through the provision of Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) as well as education, awareness raising and free condom distribution. Verisk Maplecroft worked with NSF in the initial mapping of existing road networks, local HIV prevalence rates and the modelling of HIV spread across Africa. This information was used to inform the location of wellness centres and is now being expanded to equip truck drivers and local communities with information needed to locate and access these clinics.

The North Star Alliance is a public-private partnership set up by TNT and the World Food Programme partly to address the findings of a stakeholder engagement exercise completed by Verisk Maplecroft in 2005. The research found HIV prevalence rates at key truck stops in Africa to be as high as 90%, with truck drivers seen as key vectors for HIV transmission across Africa. The foundation is officially supported by the joint UN programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and ORTEC.

Video introduction to the North Star Alliance - Wellness Centres

Girls Discovered

Mapping the global development of girls in partnership with the Nike Foundation and the UN Foundation

North Star Alliance

Bespoke mapping of HIV spread in Africa

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