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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder reports
Companies use Verisk Maplecroft’s stakeholder mapping reports to design targeted strategies and communication campaigns
Policy bank
Verisk Maplecroft's policy bank contains 23 best practice documents to help structure internal ESG policies and ensure international compliance

Stakeholder engagement project management

We work with companies at every stage of the stakeholder engagement process. Our work includes:

  • Stakeholder identification and analysis to understand key issues and influencers – as well as potentially vulnerable stakeholder groups who would otherwise be excluded
  • Definition of targeted stakeholder engagement plans
  • Awareness raising around corporate commitments/performance among influential stakeholders
  • Definition of relevant information to be disclosed to help both inform – and leverage – constructive, transparent and meaningful engagement (including period reporting on performance with respect to relevant and material stakeholder issues)
  • Provision of repository of engagement tools
  • Identification of appropriate boundaries of activity in government-led stakeholder engagement efforts
  • Design and monitoring of appropriate grievance mechanisms
  • Provision of assurance that issues are being managed effectively and responsibly

Facilitated engagement forums

We have extensive experience of facilitating engagement forums on both a broad, multi-stakeholder basis, as well as on a narrower, more targeted basis. Our work in this area has included forums to support the World Economic Forum, TNT, De Beers and other global organisations. Normally held under ‘Chatham House Rules’ to ensure a ‘safe’ discussion environment, these meetings:

  • Encourage stronger understanding and constructive relations based on mutual interests around the improvement of company performance
  • Allow for the gathering of frank and robust stakeholder opinions with regards to client policies, performance and reporting
  • Offer the opportunity to address any misperceptions amongst stakeholder groups and to communicate company commitments
  • Enhance risk and opportunity management performance by building a richer, more accurate picture around stakeholder motivations, concerns and potential impacts
  • Directly inform integrated and sustainability reporting to ensure it directly addresses relevant and material stakeholder issues

Stakeholder reports

We work on an on-going basis with the World Economic Forum, TNT, De Beers and other global brands to map and understand stakeholder concerns. Verisk Maplecroft’s Stakeholder Reports:

  • Identify a broad range of stakeholders (e.g. government, civil society, non-government, community and campaigning organisations)
  • Score stakeholders to reflect their likely influence on client business objectives
  • Analyse the main stakeholder concerns – and the best means to address them
  • Identify campaign activities, key players and contact details

Reports can also include recommendations for engagement and a prioritised plan of activities if required.

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Stakeholder engagement for the logistics and transportation sector

Verisk Maplecroft led nine separate stakeholder engagement exercises over a period of four years for a global post, express and logistics company, which helped them achieve a number one position on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. This included online research, extensive use of survey tools, workshops, direct interviews with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, employees, investors and civil society. Following this review, we worked with our client to systematically address stakeholder concerns.

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Training workshops

We support the continuous development of individuals and teams to engage constructively, meaningfully and productively with a wide range of stakeholders – both strategically and as part of their day to day work. These can focus on the full range of political, governance, social and environmental issues. Sessions can be designed to focus on specific regions of interest or specific issues, such as human rights, climate change, or political risk management.

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