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Carbon accounting and lifecycle assessment

Carbon accounting and lifecycle assessment

Verisk Maplecroft works extensively in the field of carbon accounting and footprinting with some of the world's largest organisations. This included over twenty separate carbon accounting and auditing engagements in 2009 alone, each of which calculated energy consumption and emissions across a company's own operations as well as its value chain i.e. Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3.

Work examines both absolute accounts (total emissions) as well as energy and carbon efficiency measures appropriate to each sector, industry and geography. Efficiency measures gauge emissions relative to a unit of revenue or unit of output e.g. CO2 per US$1,000 revenue. In addition to delivering a carbon accounting profile, our team also produces recommendations and action plans for different departments and functional areas and assists in the identification of meaningful and achievable targets and strategies.

Verisk Maplecroft has also completed numerous third party reviewed lifecycle assessment (LCA) projects for leading global brands. All LCAs are compliant with either the PAS 2050 or ISO 14040 standards.

Case study

ISO 14064 carbon accounting for a global postal organisation

Between June-September 2009, Verisk Maplecroft completed 18 carbon accounting exercises for a global postal organisation. Work was completed by ISO 14000 and ISO 14064 expert employees and involved on-site visits to each of the 18 entities on three continents. Focus was primarily on Scope 1 (liquid and other fossil fuels) and Scope 2 (purchased electricity) energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Engagements were completed in partnership with entity discipline experts in order to build lasting site-level expertise. Practical actions plans were developed for each entity, including how to best obtain and report on Scope 3 data. Each of the separate accounts were aggregated and presented in a sector level sustainability report.

See the recent news item on our work with the International Post Corporation.

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