Working Conditions Indices

Are your supply chains and operations exposed to labour rights violations?

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Our Working Conditions indices showcase the risk of the association with violations of the payment of decent wages, working time and health and safety standards. Businesses face operational, financial, legal and reputational risks where they fail to meet these standards.

The Working Conditions indices can help you:

  • Screen and compare operations and supply chains for labour rights violations risks
  • Understand the areas that pose most threat to establishing decent working conditions for workers
  • Align corporate strategy with global standards like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Who could benefit from the index?

Human Resource Management 
Assess working conditions across complex global supply chains to mitigate risk of association to violations

Procurement and Supply Chain
Understand which countries pose the highest risks in order to align with sustainable procurement practices

Corporate Social Responsibility
Monitor and share labour rights risk data to enhance organisational performance

Investor Relations
Track human-capital management and employee issues as a growing issue of concern for consumers, shareholders and investors

Features and benefits at-a-glance


Comparable working condition scores across sites for 198 countries


33 evidence-based qualitative indicators


Consistent dataset since 2016

Download a sample report

Download a sample report from our Working Conditions indices: Is China 'better the devil you know' for sustainable procurement?