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Product Matrix

The Product Matrix illustrates the range of products available and the issues covered by Maplecroft within the Global Risks Portfolio. Products are accessible online and off-the-shelf or can be tailored to meet specific client needs.


Maplecroft's 500+ indices and indicators evaluate global, political, economic, social (including human rights) and environmental risks for all countries. They provide comparable country scores, presented in global rankings, which are regularly updated and developed using the latest qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary data from a wide range of respected international sources, in addition to Maplecroft's own research.


By drawing on our bank of over 500 indices and indicators, Maplecroft generates over 100 interactive and sub-national maps to provide organisations with an innovative tool to identify and compare risks worldwide. For issues of high importance, such as terrorism, climate change vulnerability and human rights violations, Maplecroft produces GIS sub-national maps, which pinpoint risk down to site-specific levels and chart individual events.


Country scorecards offer comparable data across all countries for global risks, political risk, the legal and regulatory environment, human rights and climate change risk. Scorecards include country and regional scores, as well as executive summaries, stakeholder views and GIS-derived sub-national maps for selected high and extreme risk countries.


Maplecroft's indices, maps and scorecards can be purchased separately or can be accessed through seven thematic atlases, which are designed to aggregate key issues for risk managers and investors. Atlases are updated annually and include: Global Risks Atlas, Political Risks Atlas, Legal and Regulatory Environment Atlas, Human Rights Risk Atlas, Climate Change Risk Atlas and the Growth Markets Atlas. In addition, methodologies, weightings, data sources and analysis of key risks are also provided.


Country briefings (3-10 pages) are available for all countries across all issues. Briefings include detailed analysis, country scores, stakeholder viewpoints, key recent events, forecasts, sector details and GIS-derived sub-national and regional maps. Briefings can be tailored to a client's needs to include sector analysis and sub-national maps.


In-depth country reports (25+ pages) include all the resources offered by briefings, but offer a much deeper level of analysis for specific risks affecting a country or sector. Reports can be tailored to a client's needs to include sector analysis and sub-national issue maps featuring overlays of company assets such as pipelines, factories or gas blocks.

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