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Solutions and services

Verisk Maplecroft’s multi-award-winning solutions and services combine expert analysis of risks at local, country, issue, and sector level, with rigorously researched quantitative risk indices and state-of-the-art mapping technology.

These resources provide horizon scanning solutions that enable global organisations to identify, monitor, forecast and mitigate the full range of extra-financial risks to their operations, investments and supply chains.

  • Maplecroft Portal

    To ensure we continue to improve our client offering, we’ve spent the last year listening closely to your feedback on how we should shape and deliver our research. Taking this critical data on board, we have responded by rebuilding our platform to provide a greatly enhanced user-experience and new services that will be formally launched to clients in Q4 2016. The new Maplecroft Portal will make it quicker and easier for you to get straight to the information you need and to create fresh insight into the global risk and opportunity landscape by enabling you to blend your own data with ours.

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  • Risk Indices

    We know from experience that global organisations use our data to compare risk across countries, cities or commodities to save on cost and time. As an independent, trusted voice on risk, our data also helps clients make better, more informed decisions that give them a competitive edge and foster reputational leadership. But, what really sets us apart is our tailored approach. We can assess the unique challenges facing your business and build a solution that will enable you to identify and manage vulnerabilities across your entire organisation or supply chain and create long-term resilience.

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  • Country Risk Monitoring

    Anticipating and understanding shifts in the country risk landscape is a fundamental necessity for global companies. Choosing the right analysis and data can make the difference between a good investment decision and a bad one. It can help secure the safety of personnel and assets. It can provide the ammunition you need to recognise the core drivers of risk shaping the investment climate and capitalise on opportunities in key markets today and over the long-term.

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  • Responsible Sourcing

    For many companies there is no instruction manual for how to identify and manage the risks of modern slavery, human rights abuses and conflict minerals appearing in their supply chains. Without the right resources in place, satisfying the growing consumer appetite for responsibly sourced goods and complying with new legislation can be costly, time consuming and complex, while the price of getting it wrong cannot be overstated.

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  • Human Rights Due Diligence

    As legislation on modern slavery, conflict minerals and trafficking hardens and consumer and shareholder expectations expand, companies risk damage to their reputations and profits unless they show clear leadership in lessening their human rights impacts.

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  • Commodity Risk

    Most companies have procedures in place to monitor first tier suppliers, but this represents the tip of the iceberg. Concealed deep within supply chains, the production of raw materials can create damaging human rights or environmental impacts without you knowing about it until it’s too late.

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  • Resilience

    Your business has a global portfolio of sites and suppliers located around the world. How can you identify the full range of risks that could undermine continuity and profit across all of these locations? Are earthquakes a greater risk for your operations situated in Chile or in India? Is the threat posed by the possibility of civil unrest in Thailand less than that in France? What is the outlook for government stability and labour standards violations in key production locations in South-East Asia? These are just a few of the factors companies must consider to build business resilience at a global scale.

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  • Institutional Investor Service

    A lack of trusted global data and analysis covering political risk and ESG factors can leave investors making decisions in a knowledge vacuum. Nowhere is the need for data-driven insight into political risk seen more clearly than in the emerging markets, where investment returns can suffer as a result of instability, civil unrest, or uncertainty over legislation. ESG analysts also struggle to look beyond company-level management, disclosure and performance scores to track the environmental, human rights, labour standards and governance risks that organisations are exposed to as a result of the countries they operate in or source from.

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  • Risk calculators and dashboards

    Verisk Maplecroft’s unique vault of global risk analytics and innovative technology products enable us to develop ground-breaking risk management solutions. This includes a suite of fully customisable risk calculators and dashboards. These solutions align Verisk Maplecroft’s proprietary analytics with insight into company footprints and materiality to deliver a successful, logical and cost-efficient approach to assessing and mitigating risk from market entry to project development, operation and closure.

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  • Advisory Services

    Verisk Maplecroft’s risk advisory team works with multinational corporations to assess and manage their risks across global operations, supply chains and distribution networks. Our services include: devising and implementing risk management strategies, structuring and writing award-winning sustainability reports, developing approaches for successful stakeholder engagement, and helping clients understand and mitigate risk across entire value chains.

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