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Disruption Risk

Actionable intelligence to safeguard your people, brand and assets

Do you have proactive steps in place to mitigate the impacts of the next disruptive event before it happens? A coup in a developing economy. A potential terror attack in a Western capital. A tsunami in the Pacific. Does your team have the time and resources to absorb the wealth of global information available, deliver critical risk assessments to your company and remain focused on what is coming over the horizon?

The world’s largest organisations trust our risk data, predictive analytics and expert insights to help them make business critical decisions affecting the safety of their people, the continuity of their operations and integrity of their brand. Our holistic approach gives our clients a 360° understanding of their exposure to dynamic political risks, security threats and environmental disruptions worldwide, helping them better anticipate the unexpected.

Answering your disruption risk needs:

  • Which disruption risks am I most exposed to?

    Pinpoint your exposure to disruption risks for global sites and locations using trusted proprietary data covering security, environmental and political risks

  • How will disruption risks change over the next 3-6 months?

    Understand the likely shifts in disruption risk in the countries you operate through predictive analytics, scenario forecasts and analysis of the dynamic issues triggering risk

  • How do I quickly gain objective insights into my risk exposure?

    Access concise, digestible risk analysis on the issues that matter to you the most from a team of country and issue experts who are available for one-to-one discussions

  • Can I combine my company data with Maplecroft data to give specific insights?

    Blend your company specific data with Maplecroft’s portfolio of disruption risk indices to identify and prioritise disruption risk across your global assets

  • I’m looking at new market entry and need to create risk profiles for different locations

    Make better, more informed investment decisions using in-depth, data led disruption risk profiles for cities and regions, alongside expert insight from our global team of analysts

Case Studies

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