Webinar: Political Risk Outlook 2020

We hosted a webinar where they explored key geopolitical issues from our Political Risk Outlook 2020. This year we use our expert analysis and predictive data to unwrap three diverse issues that will have a fundamental bearing on the way companies conduct business.

We take a deeper dive at the upsurge in civil unrest and unpack where the risk is increasing, the driving forces behind the protests and the trends we see for 2020. Our senior analysts from the Country Risk Insight team examine America’s changing priorities in the MENA region. We also discuss how corporates are now becoming a new front line in the strategic competition between America and China.

Through the webcast you’ll learn about:
  • Which countries experienced a surge in civil unrest in 2019, and why?
  • Where can we expect more protests to erupt in 2020?
  • Why is the US stance towards the Middle East region changing?
  • How will this impact US allies and opponents in the region in 2020?
  • What impact will the Phase One trade deal have on US-China relations?
  • What are likely to be the key pressure points in this relationship in 2020?
  • Sam Haynes, Head of Risk Analytics
  • Miha Hribernik, Head of Asia
  • Niamh McBurney, Head of MENA
  • Hugo Brennan, Principal Asia Analyst
  • Jimena Blanco, Head of Americas
  • Daragh McDowell, Head of Europe and Central Asia
  • Eileen Gavin, Principal Americas Analyst