Webinar: Gambling his movement’s future, what’s at stake for AMLO in 2021?


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) started his administration making fundamental changes in the public administration. His gradual grab of independent regulators, as well as concerns over judicial independence, has increased executive encroachment that can impact policy making, governance and the economy.

This has fueled uncertainty among foreign investors, especially in the oil and gas industry. AMLO’s first two years suggest he is not prioritizing the ideological appeal of his administration rather than economic viability or technical feasibility of his public policy.

Through the webcast you’ll learn about:
  • AMLO’s waning popularity amid lackluster economic and security results
  • Ideologization of policy and growing state intervention in the economy have undermined profitability
  • Economic decline will increase poverty and drive civil unrest risks
  • Jimena Blanco, Research Director & Head of Risk Insights Americas
  • Karla Schiaffino, Senior Americas Analyst, Risk Insight
  • Christian Wagner, Americas Analyst, Risk Insight
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