Verisk Maplecroft’s Global Risk Analytics now available to investors on the Open:FactSet Marketplace

LONDON 3rd September 2020: Verisk Maplecroft, a global risk analytics and research provider specialising in ESG, climate and political risk intelligence for leading institutional investors, asset owners and corporations today announced that Verisk Maplecroft’s Global Risk Analytics Datasets are available to investors through the Open: FactSet Marketplace.

This offering will provide investors with unique insights to help them optimise their investments across multiple asset classes and the full range of global risks. Verisk Maplecroft’s data provides a unique window into the geospatial nature of risk, ranging from ESG issues like water stress, human rights and corruption, through to climate change, political risk and economics. Using this dataset will help investors identify and understand the exposure of countries, municipalities, cities, industries, companies and commodities to over 150 risks globally.

“We are really excited to launch on the Open: FactSet Marketplace,” said Matt Moshiri, President of Verisk Maplecroft. “FactSet’s reach in the industry and outstanding data integration capabilities mean more asset managers and analysts will be able to access our proprietary Global Risk Analytics, enabling them to accelerate their integration of material global risk factors into their investment processes.”

Verisk Maplecroft’s core Global Risk Analytics Dataset, together with its industry and commodity risk lenses, represent the industry standard solution for mapping and understanding location risk exposure at both national and subnational resolutions worldwide. Built on more than 1000 indicators leveraging quantitative, geospatial and proprietary expert inputs, the company’s risk analytics are widely integrated by investors in sovereign debt, real assets and municipal bonds, alongside commodities, equities and corporate fixed income.

“We’re delighted this information is now available to our clients, as Verisk Maplecroft’s Global Risk Analytics offers a strong layer of decision analytics,” said Lauren Stevens, senior vice president, Open: FactSet Strategy, FactSet. “ESG and climate risk integration are increasingly at the top of investor’s agendas. Demand for data that can support these areas is only going to grow as asset managers search for new and differentiated content to bolster their investment processes.”

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About Verisk Maplecroft
Verisk Maplecroft is a global risk analytics company specialising in ESG, climate, and political risk data for the world’s leading institutional investors and corporations. The company combines a unique portfolio of global risk indices and data sets with expert research on countries, commodities and industries to provide a holistic approach to risk analysis that enables its clients to make better risk-adjusted decisions. Among asset owners and managers, the company is a trusted source of data and insights for the integration of ESG, climate and political risk factors in multiple asset classes, notably sovereign debt.
Verisk Maplecroft is part of the Verisk family of companies (NASDAQ: VRSK).


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