Webinar: Modern slavery risks surge in Asia’s manufacturing hubs, pandemic worsens outlook

Human Rights Outlook 2020


Asian manufacturing hubs have seen a significant increase in modern slavery over the last four years and the risk is set to intensify as the economic fallout from the pandemic takes full hold. Asia’s heightened modern slavery risks will present an increasingly complex picture for corporates, especially when it comes to modern slavery or other ESG-related reporting requirements.

Through the webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The worsening trend of modern slavery in Asian manufacturing hubs over the last four years, and how the pandemic is set to intensify this risk
  • Why Asian countries have plummeted in modern slavery rankings in recent years, and the reasons behind this decline
  • How corporates will be impacted by increasing modern slavery risks in the wake of the pandemic


  • Sofia Nazalya, Analyst, Human Rights
  • David Irwin-Ransom, Senior Marketing Specialist