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Political Risk Outlook 2021

  • Executive summary: The age of flux and flex
  • Political Risk Outlook: Impacts at a glance
  • Geopolitical risk: US-China among flashpoints with highest probability of escalation
  • Resource nationalism surges in 2020, Covid-19 worsens outlook
  • 2020’s sting in the tail: Political instability will rise in 88 countries
  • China’s resource security redrawing geopolitical map
  • Energy transition a political risk nightmare for least competitive oil producers
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Political Risk Outlook 2020

  • Executive summary
  • 47 countries witness surge in civil unrest – trend to continue in 2020
  • US drive for energy independence fuels Persian Gulf insecurity
  • Corporate sector becomes new front line of US-China rivalry
  • Latin America – China to take trade war to US backyard
  • Minerals for mercenaries – Russia prioritises profits over long-term influence in Africa
  • Countries to watch

Political Risk Outlook 2018

  • Executive summary
  • Capex and above-ground risk: Building on shaky foundations?
  • Oil markets safe for now bar miscalculation in key geopolitical risk hotspots
  • Are politics coming full circle for Latin American oil and gas?
  • Will Caspian Sea convention unleash oil and gas exploration opportunities?
  • Oil markets grapple with Middle East political risk premium
  • Securing lithium supplies crucial to China’s electric vehicle strategy
  • Is Norway’s carbon policy a window to the future?
  • East Africa’s off-grid renewables spark investment opportunities
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