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Above-ground risk and sustainability solutions

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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A complete picture of above-ground risk can help mining companies shift the risk-reward equation in their favour. To achieve this, you need to understand the inter-connected nature of many social, political, environmental and regulatory risks and impacts – and their potential consequences across the mining lifecycle.

We deliver critical insight into a wide range of above-ground risks and opportunities – from corporate- to asset-level – while supporting the development of effective risk management measures and business sustainability strategies. Our deep industry knowledge means we can relate risks to clients’ commercial, geological and strategic priorities, and support the development of effective integrated management approaches. By combining these capabilities with a commercial lens on market fundamentals, trade and costs, we offer the insight and advice that mining firms need to work profitably and sustainably in higher-risk environments.

Our expertise encompasses:
  • Cross-lifecycle assessment of above-ground risks and opportunities – ranging from the regulatory and permitting environment to operational security

  • Development of integrated, cross-disciplinary risk management approaches

  • Stakeholder mapping, analysis and engagement

  • In-depth advisory work to help address client-specific challenges, questions and situations

  • Corporate sustainability / integrated strategy and management systems support

  • Integrated reporting, risk-based sustainability reporting and communications