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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Systematically mapping and tracking risks across global operations and supply chains is a daunting task. You need a clear roadmap to understand your risk exposure across your global assets, the raw materials you use, and manufacturing and distribution networks. Without this information, multinational organisations can be left open to operational disruptions or reputational damage from issues you may not even be aware of.     

Given the many thousands of touchpoints, the only way companies can quantify risk at every link of the corporate value chain is by embracing data. By combining locational information on your own operations and suppliers with our unique portfolio of risk indices, predictive analytics and commodity analysis, you can achieve an unparalleled view of your global risk footprint. Our holistic approach to risk combines these insights with expert country and sector analysis to offer a clear actionable route to prioritising and managing the full range of risks to your assets, people and brand.

Our solutions

  • Our data

    Benchmark your locations and investments against our portfolio of 150 political, human rights, economic and environmental risk indices

  • Sustainable procurement

    Gain an instant data-driven picture of the inherent risk within each global supplier and the commodities you source

  • Country risk intelligence

    Identify, track and anticipate risks to your assets, people and brand through expert country, issue and sector insights

  • Human rights due diligence

    Identify, understand and prioritise key human rights risks across your business, using world-leading data and expert consulting

  • Disruption risk

    Mitigate the next disruptive event before it happens by screening global locations for security, regulatory, environmental and health risk exposures

  • Compliance

    Increase the accuracy and credibility of your sustainability reporting and risk assessments using industry-leading risk analytics

  • Advisory

    Our team of experienced consultants work with clients to proactively get in front, and stay ahead, of the full range of risks