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Trusted, independent, data-driven country risk analysis

Anticipating and understanding shifts in the country risk landscape is a fundamental necessity for global companies. Choosing the right analysis and data can make the difference between a good investment decision and a bad one. It can help secure the safety of personnel and assets. It can provide the ammunition you need to recognise the core drivers of risk shaping the investment climate and capitalise on opportunities in key markets today and over the long-term.

We look at risk differently from any other organisation. Our Country Risk Monitoring service combines expert analysis from a global team of country and issue specialists with trusted, independent data. Together, these provide a consistent 360-degree view of political, human rights, economics and environmental challenges in strategic countries across the globe. Our unique approach offers clients the depth, scope and flexibility of content they need to navigate the full spectrum of risks and build long-lasting value.

How to gain a 360° view of risk in key markets


  • Benchmark countries with data-driven analysis and visualisations that draw on 150+ proprietary risk indices

  • Access third-party country risk assessments from a trusted team of analysts to gain an expert view of risk and opportunity

  • Consume content exactly as you want, using a flexible mix of data, digestible commentary and in-depth analysis

  • Engage with our 60+ country and issue experts who will answer specific questions on the key risks impacting your business

  • Understand the structural factors driving future risks to help you make sound long-term investment decisions

  • Cut through the fog of news by selecting the analysis that is most important to you from our team of country experts

Key features

  • Country Analysis

    Understand current and future risks across six key areas with deep-dive analysis of the risk landscape in key markets

  • Digestible Content

    Concise, timely analysis of key recent or upcoming events, such as elections, regulatory shifts or security incidents

  • Core Drivers of Risk

    Analyse the structural factors likely to generate risk over the next 5-10 years

  • Access an Analyst

    Contact our expert team of regional analysts who underpin our country analysis

If you'd like a demonstration, or to discuss our data, please get in touch:

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