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Above-Ground Risk

Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining

For extractive firms, the pursuit of high-return opportunities can go hand-in-hand with high levels of political risk, regulatory uncertainty, social opposition and potential reputational damage from association with human rights violations or environmental impacts. These above-ground risks can, and do, affect the profitability and value of mining and hydrocarbon assets. Anticipating and managing these risks before they manifest is crucial.

Our unique approach enables oil, gas and mining companies to build an in-depth understanding of how their technical and commercial imperatives interact with above-ground-risks in terms of impact, exposure and consequence. It enables them to plan and make business critical decisions based on data they can trust, as well as independent, on-the-ground insight into the strategic issues affecting their people, operations and business.

Oil & Gas

How we help oil and gas companies manage above-ground risk

Verisk Maplecroft works with the biggest names in oil and gas to help them manage risk across three key areas:

  • Anticipating shifts in the risk landscape for government affairs and external relations departments

  • Assessing threats, challenges and opportunities in new country entry

  • Identifying and advising on reputational risks encompassing human rights and environmental concerns

Above-ground-risk solutions designed to meet your specific challenges

  • How do I gain a 360° perspective of the above-ground-risks facing my company?

    Build a full understanding of oil and gas sector-specific risks in key markets through expert country and industry specific analysis, on-the-ground insight and global risk indices that provide a unique high-level country-level screening tool across 150 issues and 198 countries.

  • Can you help me get ahead of emerging risks in specific countries?

    Monitor on-going and emerging risks through regular updates and analysis from our Above-Ground-Risk Service and speak directly with our analysts to stay ahead of the regulatory, political, security, social and environmental issues affecting your company.

  • Does Verisk Maplecroft quantify above-ground-risk at the asset level?

    Evaluate your risk exposure at an asset level with our industry-leading ESG and political risk analytics paired with oil & gas data on over 10,000 assets from our sister company Wood Mackenzie in our Corporate Exposure Tool.

  • What can I do to better understand the long-term risks impacting foreign investment?

    Identify the underlying drivers of risk in key markets and improve your planning and mitigation efforts via our scenario mapping and horizon scanning analysis, which forecasts shifts in the risk landscape up to a decade ahead.

  • Which markets are likely to pose the most significant logistics challenges if we invest there?

    Draw from our detailed analysis and mapping of port, aerial, rail, and related transport support at a sub-national level to jump-start logistics planning and ensure your business is setup for success.

  • How do I track human rights and environmental risks in oil and gas producing countries?

    Monitor and benchmark human rights and environmental risk trends in 198 countries and work with our expert consultants to understand and mitigate exposure to these risks.

Metals & Mining

Cross-lifecycle insight and integrated management solutions for the mining sector

We help mining companies understand and monitor the above-ground-risks and opportunities facing their businesses and assets. With more than a decade’s experience, our team has built a deep knowledge of the mining sector and works closely with a range of client teams to develop effective, integrated management approaches. This includes the development and implementation of situation-specific risk assessments – from remote new-country entry analysis to in-depth, asset-level fieldwork.

Our clients work with us to:

    Supplement commercial and geological analysis to make better, more ‘integrated’ decisions

  • Progress thinking around potentially complex challenges – and help identify ways forward

  • Understand the interaction between their own impacts and their stakeholder risks

  • Identify less tangible above-ground ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’ associated with existing or planned projects

How we help you:

  • What can I do to better understand the interplay between my risks and geological, technical and financial variables across the lifecycle?

    Build a holistic understanding of risk, improve decision-making and manage sustainability issues via tried and tested above-ground-risk management solutions that have been developed specifically for mining companies over a period of 14 years.

  • Can I gain insight into country-level risks that are individual to the mining sector?

    Extract actionable insight on the issues that matter to you. From social licence to operate to permitting risks, our Mining Country Risk Profiles provide a unique sector-specific resource by combining our expert analysis with Wood Mackenzie’s supply, demand, trade and price data.

  • How do I keep abreast of emerging risks in the countries we operate in? x

    Monitor on-going and emerging risks in your key markets through regular analysis, updates and ‘Red Flags’ from our Above-Ground-Risk Service, and speak directly with our analysts to stay ahead of country-level developments.

  • Can I get a better grasp of the long-term risks likely to impact future investments?

    Understand the underlying drivers of risk and improve your planning and mitigation efforts via our scenario mapping and horizon scanning analysis, which evaluates the risk landscape 2 and 10 years in advance in your host countries.

  • What if I want to ‘drill down’ into specific issues affecting my projects and assets?

    Gain granular, asset-level insight by commissioning on-the-ground analysis and engagement by our experienced in-field consulting team. Better understand the interplay between social, environmental, economic and political dynamics at a local-level, as well as relationships between project impacts, risks and opportunities.

  • How can I achieve better integrated approaches to risk management?

    Work with our team of consultants to de-silo your management of risks through the cross-disciplinary development of ‘integrated’ strategies at corporate, regional and asset level – that address short-, medium- and long-term factors and consequences.

What makes Verisk Maplecroft's approach to the mining sector different?

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