Terrorism Index

Our Terrorism Index combines the frequency and intensity of five years of attacks with an assessment of the threat posed by active terrorist groups, and whether counterterrorism forces in the country have the capacity to deal with this risk.

The Terrorism Risk Index can help you:

  • Understand where your assets and personnel are most exposed to Terrorism Risk
  • Identify segments within your supply chain that are at risk of disruption
  • Plan for site assessments and countermeasures
  • Compare risk across multiple countries and regions

Who could benefit from the index?

Risk Management
Identify jurisdictions in your portfolio most at risk from Terrorism and develop mitigations

Compare sites and prioritise risk assessments based on their exposure

Procurement and Supply Chain
Understand where in the supply chain your operations and assets are most at risk

Features and benefits at-a-glance


Comparable corruption scores across 198 countries


Consists of three sub-indices


Consistent dataset since 2017

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