Political risk data & indices

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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Monitoring events, the stability of governments and changes in regulatory regimes that can impact a country’s business or security environment is crucial for multinational corporations and investors operating across multiple regions. Using the right data can minimise risks to your investments, mitigate disruptions to operations and supply chains, and help ensure the safety of your personnel.

Since 2007, we’ve been using data to track the key political risk issues impacting global business. Our political risk dataset now consists of 40 indices and predictive models, assessing the primary dimensions of political risk: political violence, regulation, governmental stability, transfer and convertibility risk, and governance; 45% of the models are updated quarterly, while 12.5% are produced at a subnational level.

Use our political risk dataset for tasks including:

  • Assessing and monitoring physical threats – through political violence or expropriation – to your assets around the world

  • Feeding your indices into financial models to improve asset allocation

  • Analysing the quality of governance across countries as a core element in sustainability / ESG screening

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