Government Stability Index

Is your business or investment portfolio exposed to risks from an unstable executive?

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Our Government Stability Index assesses the stability of executive authority and the potential for an illegitimate transfer of power such as a coup. In countries without a stable basis for executive power, businesses face a host of challenges including heightened regulatory uncertainty and the potential for increased operating costs.

The Government Stability Index can help you:

  • Understand the exposure of your business portfolio to policy and regulatory uncertainty
  • Screen vendors and third parties
  • Compare risk across multiple countries and regions
  • Benchmark your company’s ESG exposure against your peers

Who could benefit from the index?

Risk Management
Identify jurisdictions in your portfolio most at risk of Government instability and develop mitigation efforts

Procurement and Supply Chain
Understand where in the supply chain your operations and assets are most at risk

Portfolio Managers
Assess quantitative Government stability data, a key ESG metric, to identify trends and anticipate future risks

Features and benefits at-a-glance


Comparable corruption scores across 198 countries


Nine evidence-based qualitative indicators


Consistent dataset since 2016

Download a sample report

Download a sample report from our Government Stability Index: Venezuela's failed rebellion will entrench Maduro