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Is your business associated with forced labour?

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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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The Forced Labour index helps businesses ensure they aren't associated with the extraction of work or services from an individual under the menace of any penalty and without consent. The index incorporates the UN 'Protect, Respect and Remedy' framework, and uses ‘structure-process-outcome’ indicators to assess governments’ commitments and efforts to implement policies combatting forced labour and similar violations.

The Forced Labour Index can help you:

  • Identify highest risk levels in supply chains by conducting risk assessments
  • Build or strengthen adequate policies, monitoring systems and relationships with suppliers
  • Safeguard company reputation
  • Promote responsible and ethical business conduct by aligning corporate strategy with international standards
  • Anticipate changes in the risk outlook

Who could benefit from the index?

Investors and Portfolio Managers
Compare forced labour risk data to determine the ethicality of investments. Ensuring investments respect fair working conditions is important to customers, regulators and civil society.

Supply chains in developed countries
Forced labour is frequently found in developed countries, particularly in the agriculture and services sectors.

Supply chains in developing economies
Companies operating in developing economies, where poverty rates are high, are especially exposed to the risk. It is often found in sectors such as Extractives, Construction, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Fishing, Consumer & Retail.

Companies using subcontractors
Businesses risk being associated with forced labour via illegal subcontractors, who traffic workers through debt bondage into companies’ supply chains.

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Comparable scores across 197 countries


Data points used to asses the root causes and drivers of forced labour


Consistent dataset since 2016

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Download a sample report from our Forced Labour Index: Inaction on slavery leaves investors exposed