Environmental risk data & indices

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The physical environment has a powerful impact on business operations. Whether it is the destructive power of tropical storms and seismic activity, the longer-term threat posed by climate change, the cost to the ecosystem of deforestation and water stress, or the regulatory response to these threats, high-integrity data can help to mitigate costs before they are incurred.

Our environment dataset consists of 47 indices, looking at dimensions of climate change, environmental pressure, ecosystem services, state response, and exposure and vulnerability to natural hazards. Seventy percent of the indices are scored at a subnational resolution – typically down to 5km x 5km – to give you a more granular view of the risk landscape.

Our environmental risk dataset can help you:

  • Track the physical threat posed to your assets and staff by natural hazards, based on exposure to the hazards and the ability of the state to respond

  • Screen the exposure of key assets – particularly in the extractive sector – to the physical threat and regulatory responses necessitated by climate change

  • Monitor environmental degradation in the vicinity of suppliers to ensure that you have robust policies in place

  • Feed into ESG models to understand how environmental performance impacts economic and financial performance

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